• Argan Oil for a Healthier You

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    Skin is the largest organ on the human body it contains you and acts as a barometer to show the world just how much you’re caring for yourself. Sebum production diminishes as our bodies’ age and time passes, causing skin to dry out.

    In order to avoid dry, flaky skin completely, use 100% pure argan oil all over your face and body and that’s one less problem to think about.

    What Argan Oil Can Do

    Argan oil is the perfect complement to skin care because it works in partnership with your own body chemistry. A few palm filled handfuls is all you need on a daily basis to keep skin condition at its best. The high vitamin E content nourishes the skin protecting you from free radicals. Rich in anti-oxidants, this rare, mild oil restores health and radiance to all skin types without you even having to think about it.

    How to Feel So Much Better

    Major conflicts occur within the body when we fail to eat regularly or take enough rest. A requisite eight hours sleep doesn’t work for everyone because some of us need more rest and others need less. How you feel within yourself is the best indicator of the amount of sleep you yourself require, so, it is essential to follow your own body clock within a 25 hour period.

    Work on Bespoke Sleep Pattern

    The perfect method to work out your individual sleep pattern is to treat you like a child for at least one week.

    Make real preparations for bed time; for instance take a warm bath with a few drops of argan oil – skin cells regenerate whilst we are sleeping – a hot milky drink or herbal tea such as chamomile will relax you. In a cooler than the rest of the house bedroom, slip into a neat comfortable bed, don’t read or use any form of stimulation, just lie there, eyes closed and breathe. Banish the television to the living room, the bedroom is the worst place to have one, it’s not a hotel room. Keep your technical equipment in another area of the house.

    More than all of the above ensure you are in fact tired when you retire to bed. Then relax and you’ll be fast asleep within 10 minutes, providing no one disturbs you.

    Keep this up for a week retiring and rising at the same time every day you’ll quickly notice your body falling into a routine. Try and stick to this and notice how refreshed you feel as time goes by.

    Facts About Argan Oil

    Argan oil is the product of the argan fruit and is nut oil. Not be used if you have a nut allergy. It is a natural product which Berbers in Morocco have used over centuries. The unrefined oil is used for cooking and salad preparation it is dark gold and has a nutty flavour. Cold pressed argan oil is used for cosmetic purposes and a healthier you, the results within days are inestimable because it soothes problem skins as well as being an excellent hair conditioner.

    The Scots

    There’s a wealth of information on the internet about argan oil and once you’ve tried it and it works for you there’s no going back because you’ll quickly realise you’re doing yourself a favour.

    A word of warning, just be sure that you buy from a reputable vendor, the best we’ve come across hails from Scotland and we all know how inventive the Scots are they gave the world as follows; television, telephone, Penicillin… I could go on…